An International Bonanza at the Goodwill

010This week, I stumbled upon a collection of foreign boxed “items” at my local Goodwill. Everything was still sealed and since I always hear my favorite eBay podcasters talking about the value of foreign language DVDs and CDs, I put them all in my cart. Before I left the store, I scanned the barcodes with my Amazon app and found there were selling in the $50 range. Nice.

Still unsure of what I was actually buying, I bought 5 different items and a Cabbage Patch soft sculpture doll. (I hoped it was an original but turns out it was homemade. More on that later.)

When I got home, I sat down to do my research and was pleasantly surprised by my finds. I had one called L’Oracle de Charlotte. I thought it was a book with notecards. Turns out it’s a French fortune telling set. The German card game also turned out to be a fortune telling set.

I also sound le Flamenco, which is a French kit with an instruction book, CD and castanets so you can learn to Flamenco dance!

I also found a French cross stitch kit. I have high hopes for this one since cross stitch kits sell well.

Lastly, I picked up two games, one German and one French. The French one had braille and sign language cards so I thought it was an educational game for special ed teachers. Turns out it’s a Christian game called Choisis la Vie and it’s about teaching children how to make moral life decisions. So like the Game of Life but with values instead of dollars.

I have no idea what I’m going to get for all of these but I paid around 25 for the lot, so I shouldn’t have trouble making that back on any one of the items.

You can see them all (if they haven’t sold by the time you read this) in our Boris Basement eBay Store.

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