August 2017 Featured Item: Playmobil

This month, we have a huge lot of Playmobil in our ebay store. Playmobil holds a special place in my heart because it’s a toy I wish I had had as a kid. I love the creative element and the fact that each kit tells a story. You can travel through time, visit a castle, go exploring in the jungle or launch yourself into space!

When my son was little, I managed an Imaginarium store and Playmobil was one of our best sellers. I couldn’t believe it because those kits were pricey! And now, if you want to pick up retired kits, they cost even more.

We don’t have any full kits for sale; but what we do have are all the best bits and pieces. We have tons of figures from Egyptian kings to pirates to everyday folk. We also have all those tiny accessories that get lost after you’ve opened the box. We have coins and gold treasure, computers for the space kits and weapons galore. Also monkeys, horses and birds – maps, lab equipment and more!

What’s really fun about Playmobil is that it’s not just for kids. Adults use the bits to create mini movies, dioramas and craft projects.

Check out this film:

This guy must have hit up ebay because he used 26,000 Playmobil soldiers to build a record-breaking battle scene.

(Image: REX/Shutterstock)

Ready to build your own story? Check out our ebay store in August and join the Playmobil revolution!

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