Does Your Heart Race When You Thrift?

Frozen Magical Lights Crystal PalaceThis week I felt so anxious going into the Goodwill. Ever feel like that? Like if you don’t hurry, someone else will get that one great item? Or am I completely mad?

I was shopping with my husband and he insisted on going to the Goodwill Keepers store first. They never have anything I like, it’s mostly clothes and high end glass and art. He goes for the records. I went, found nothing then went next door to the main store.

My new routine is to hit the “Misc Stationary Stuff” row first because I found most of my hidden gems here. I found that huge box of American Girl doll clothes there and earlier this week I found a Frozen Magical Lights Crystal Palace in the box! (Sold within a few days.) I put it in my cart and a woman starting eying it, pointing it out to her daughter – look what she found!

I knew how she felt when I arrived at the store and saw a woman grabbing three bags (kaching! My happy app just went off!) of doll house furniture and miniatures. I was so mad! I would have grabbed those in a second, they’re great sellers and if I hadn’t followed by husband into the other store.

Okay, confession time. I sort of followed her around the store to see if she was going to actually buy them. Twice before I someone put back and item I wanted. Then I saw her going through the bags. Next thing I know, she puts them all back on the toy shelf. I didn’t want to grab them like a vulture but my heart was racing hoping no one else would take them.

Renwal NurseryI finally got them in my cart, bought them and didn’t even go through them until I got home. Once I did I was both pleasantly surprised and disappointed. A lot of the furniture was broken which is probably why she put the bags back. However, what was in tact was all 1960’s Renwal furniture and even better, two figures which sell for around $50!

Here’s the adorable nursery set with the creepy babies. Incredibly, most of the small pieces were in the bags but good thing I bought them all because the pieces were mixed. For example, the base of a vacuum cleaner was in one bag, the handle was in another. And thanks to other photos on eBay, I was able to piece everything back together.

Now here’s the lesson of the day – research, research, research. I found a small, metal dog in the bag and I was going to throw it in with a lot of other miniatures. At the last second I realized there was writing on the side. Turned out to be an Ideal Dog Food charm.

They sell for $10 to $24 dollars alone, so always research before you sell!

That’s my weekend. Tell me about yours.


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