Ebay Book Tip: No barcode could mean big bucks

Lord of the Rings Cannes bookLast month, we found this cloth covered Lord of the Rings production book at the Salvation Army. Two copies actually and I’m kicking myself for not buying both of them!

It’s a beautiful, heavy book loaded with behind the scenes photos from the making of Lord of the Rings but it was priced higher than I like to spend so I was going to leave it behind.

Then I noticed that the book had the words AOL on the back, the studio name and no barcode.

No barcode?

I thought perhaps the dust jacket was missing but the more I looked at the book, the more I realized that it was unusual. It didn’t have the normal copyright and publisher information on the inside. . . . I think this is a promo book, I said to my husband.

I tried to look it up online but good luck searching “Lord of the Rings hardback book.” Way too many options and this wasn’t any of them. My gut said buy, so I took the better of the two and paid the price.

When I got home, I started trying different keywords in Google and finally found the truth. This was a promo book handed out at the Cannes film festival. It was rare and sought after and worth around $100 bucks. Crazy.

We listed it and it sold this past week. I think we took best offer but it was still a lot more than I expected when I bought it.

Two days ago, I found another “no barcode” book at the same Salvation Army store. This one turned out to be a program that was handed out to the attendees at the AFI salute to Sean Connery. Again, very usual, loaded with tribute photos from studios and people he worked with. And it had the invitation letter inside which talks about free Martinis and food by Wolfgang Puck! A black tie affair!

That should translate into a nice conversion to the right person. It’s a super find for any Connery fan.

Tip of the day: if a book doesn’t have a barcode, it could be something truly special.

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