eBay Theme of the Month: Merry Old England

It always seems like items come to us in groupings. This month, it’s souvenirs from England. It began at an estate sale a few weeks ago. The woman was a Royal Family collector. She had a ton of breakables but I went for the paper and soft goods. I picked up a selection of 1970’s and 80’s souvenir books and several commemorative handkerchiefs, tea towels and scarves.

king-george-scarfThe fabric goods sold almost immediately.


Right after that, I was at a sale that was loaded with Christmas ornaments, but not just any ornaments – British Christmas ornaments including these Henry the VIII Felt Figure Ornaments!

About a week later, I went to an estate sale and this person was into UK history. They had all these brass rubbings from the UK and several brass rubbing plates. I should have picked up the big ones, but again, the size scared me away. I did get these smaller plates and they’re for sale on eBay (depending when you’re reading this).


What I love about finding new treasures like this is that in doing the research, I learn so much. I now know all about brass rubbings and it’s so fascinating!

If you love England and or the Royal Family, check out our new category specifically for souvenirs from the UK.


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