Estate Sale Finds: My Chemical Romance Mask, Halloween Zombie Gown and More

My Chemical Romance Mask

My Chemical Romance Mask

This week, we hit a very local estate sale that had so many items we had to stop ourselves from buying more. I started out looking at a pile of still sealed games and science kits. My original goal was to pick up a CSI Forensic Reconstruction kit but they had it priced at $15 which was more than I could get for it on eBay. I picked up two games while Lars went through piles of dead tech. He picked out three packs of Kodak Photo Paper. We thought these would be worth big bucks – but not. So we’ll be keeping them because he loves to print, print, print photos.

I moved on to the upstairs and found several Halloween costumes amongst closest and boxes of clothes. I found an adult racing costume but passed on it in favor of a cool tattered princess gown that would be perfect for a zombie walk. That bedroom was filled with items from a teen who was an obvious Harry Potter fan. Lots of books, some trinkets and the mask you see here.

Watch the video to find out more about this startling Day of the Dead mask.

Downstairs, we found a room full of DVDs and books. I picked up Kung Fu: The Complete First Season and that sold within 20 minutes on eBay. I was so surprised because it doesn’t go for much and I thought it would be a loser.

I also picked up a collector’s edition of the series Cosmos. That went to my son even though it’s worth some bucks. (Retails price $100. Used $50 ish. I got it for $2)  I found a second series that I won’t mention because it’s going under the tree at Christmas.

My other great find was a 1970’s war game called OGRE. I thought it was fun – an early pre-video game game, so I grabbed it up. Turns out the box actually has not only the OGRE game in it but also an expansion pack.

Lars’ big find was a David Bowie album which he’s keeping and a Dremel drill press stand. It (and all of the tools in the garage) looked brand new. No box but there’s not a scratch on it.

Here’s a closer look at a couple of our finds:

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