Get your Halloween costumes HERE for less!

Everyone wants to look cool on Halloween but wow, the prices at those pop cup costumes stores are insane! It’s one thing if you’re going to buy an outfit that you’re going to wear again and again, but to pay $50 or more for one night really hurts.

The solution? Buy your costumes on eBay. There are 1,000’s of preowned options that you can have delivered to your door for less than half of the price of a new costume. Just remember to check shipping and handling time as the October days fly by.

We offer a 1 day turnaround time, which means you’ll have your costume in under 2 days if you’re near California and under a week if you’re on the East Coast. Check out feedback and you’ll see how many people are surprised by our quick delivery times.

Right now, we have a selection of costumes for kids and adults, including Disney items, a high-quality Big Bad Wolf, Dorothy’s ruby slippers and dress and more.

Visit our costume shop now and save 10% on your order of $15 or more!

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