New Thrift Shops, New Finds; craft kits, Looney Tunes and more

Maypole BearsThis week, we had a very lucky accident. We were searching for a thrift shop we’d been to before and totally missed it by a mile. But in that miss, we stumbled upon an Assistance League store we’d never been to before. The shop was bright and big and clean and loaded with all kinds of goodies. It was also loaded with customers but the staff said it wasn’t always that crazy – for some reason, we got in on a nutty day!

The one thing I found was a huge lot of vintage craft kits. I can never get enough of these as they remind me of my childhood. My sisters used to work these kits. I was more of a latch hook gal – no patience for those intricate cross stitch patterns.

I adore these Maypole Bears from Dimensions. I also found a Danish kit with a gorgeous farm sampler. Unfortunately, when I got it home I found that the piece had been started but the person did a good job so it’s still a super kit.

I bought a half dozen kits and probably should have grabbed them all.

Our big score was a Warner Brothers Looney Tunes animator’s guide. I spotted the notebook and thought it was just that. I was so surprised when I realized what it was. I made a video about it. Not sure if it’s going to end up in our eBay store or not. For now, I think we’re going to keep and enjoy it.

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