The Remco Big Heads: Munsters, Music and More

In the mid-1960’s Remco was the king of cool toys.  They had some of the best TV licenses, from Lost in Space to Addam’s Family and loads of generically neat toys like the Whirlybird Helicopter and the Showboat Theater.  With all these great toys, Remco was bound to get a big head!  Dozens of them to be exact.

Those toy wizards at Remco designed a basic doll that was no more than six inches tall with a head that was inordinately large for its body.  The dolls were miniature caricatures of the people they represented and each was packaged in a window box with a small frame.  To make sure these dolls weren’t just child’s play, each box came with a tag proclaiming; “Sticks to Dashboard”.  Forget those bobbing head dogs, you can have Morticia Addam’s on your dash!


The Addams Family and Munsters were both immortalized in the big head line.  Morticia, Gomez, Lurch and Uncle Fester made up one line, each appearing in boxes with deathly green trim.  While Morticia isn’t a look-alike for Carolyn Jones, Fester and Lurch are ‘dead’ ringers.  The Munsters set is a little further off the mark.  Lilly’s dress is good but her face is not much of a match. They do manage to capture the goofy grin of Herman and Grandpa.  These dolls came in red trimmed boxes and shows that Remco had the guts to produce different packaging for each line instead of stuffing them all into the same box.

For those more musically inclined, Remco gave us The Beatles in the big head design.  Each member of the band was sold separately with an autographed guitar or drum as appropriate.  The Fab Four are dressed in their early English suits and each sports a groovy Beatle do.

Probably the strangest use of the big head style was the Political line which featured Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater.  The boxes were done in red, white and blue with backgrounds that suggested they were on the campaign trail and each doll came with his own political button for you or him to wear!


Buy one or buy them all just be careful not to get in over your Big Head.





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