This Week’s Thrift Shop Haul: Fairies, Wrestlers, DVDs and More

Woodland Fairy.jpgThis week, I spent more at Goodwill than I think I’ve ever spent and that’s not necessarily a good thing. They had a HUGE collection of CDs and DVDs for sale. My husband bought 12 CDs and I grabbed at least 12 DVDs.

Bad thing: we want to keep a lot of this.

Bad thing 2: they cost more than I thought they did and I didn’t figure that out until I got home.

Good thing: it was still a great deal. . . I just wish I hadn’t gone so wild!

Woodland Fairy

This fairy is an ornament. So adorable with her leaf dress and little hat. She’s still in her box and was a real steal at .99.


I also “almost” went wild over a huge collection of 1980’s LJN WWF wrestling figures. I remembered seeing these on Toy Hunter and thought I’d hit the jackpot. Some of them do sell for $50 and up. Not the ones I found, of course, but I might have left the most valuable ones behind.

There were so many, I picked out the ones in the best condition. Turns out they’re not all that rare and I might double my cost if I’m lucky. . . I might not be lucky. I was going to buy the entire basket but that would have set me back almost $50 and I just didn’t feel comfortable with that. Many had peeling paint and lots of marks on them. Maybe I could have sold the whole lot for $100 – we’ll never know.

Here they are:

Wrestling Figures LJN

3 WWF Titan LJN Wrestling Figures Freddie Blassie Mean Gene, Bobby Heenan


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